Dear absolutely lovely Lemons of Water,

This is the original founder talking. It’s been more than a year since I started off this roleplay directory absolutely from scratch. I can still remember the original theme and soundtrack and how much time I spent working on it for that random new blank tumblr page to become a shelter, a home. I didn’t want this directory to become one of those places where people just sit for a while, alone. I wanted this place to be a haven for wandering souls, ready to offer a hand to the one sitting next to them. It still brings a smile to my face every time I think about all those nights staying awake thinking about missions that would somehow represent a chance for the characters to step away from the routine for a while and really get to know one another through the different situations.

I have to say this family and its members have made me as happy as I’ve been so far.

I can proudly say I love each and every single Waterlemon here. Even the ones that had to leave for one reason or for another- I do hold them in my heart in a very special place. You guys are wonderful. The bond I’ve seen here is the most precious I’ve ever encountered. To me, the fact that I have had the chance to cross paths with every single one of you is heartwarming. That’s why it saddens me so much to be the one writing this letter here today. I have been trying as hard as I could to administrate this roleplay and I can assure you that I have never given anything less than my best for you guys. (I still remember the Waterlemon Awards Ceremony via TinyChat and it still makes me grin uncontrollably to think about the amount of multitasking I had to accomplish that day, since I was publishing the award’s winners and trying to get the requested music in time while editing the official post for the ones who couldn’t attend the live Ceremony; Or that time when I organized the Masquerade Ball and had to make sure everyone received their own private submission with his own colored rose while wanting to make sure everyone would have a partner with whom they’d feel comfortable and trying to arrange things when some people went on sudden hiatus to make sure nobody would be feeling left out— Just writing about it makes me smile, this should have been a video recording instead of a letter, you would have laughed at my stupidity but oh well). The thing is, as much as I’m trying here, I am struggling with both University and work and I might have to go live on my own soon so I feel like I wouldn’t be able to keep on running such a directory, taking into consideration the amount of work that needs to be invested in events, pairings and missions. I love this place and I want it to be run properly. That’s why I’m writing this letter to you. I love you waterlemons. You have given me so many reasons to smile and my heart has grown warmer because of you all.

Please take care, my dearest lemons of water. I am going to miss you more than anything I’ve ever encounter here. I want you to know that you are absolutely unique.

It’s been a long time already since I wanted to properly thank each and every one of you and I wouldn’t be able to leave without doing this.

I want to thank our very first members such as Hyuna, Lizzy, Suzy, Youngsaeng, Myungsoo, Luhan, Zelo, Jonghyun and IU. I want to thank those members for believing in a roleplay that had just started, with that “Paradise” cover as an autoplay. I know some of you came looking for a quiet place to hide and I sincerely hope some of you managed to find a place to call home. Do you still remember the first mission? “You need to make a cake for over 45 people…” I want to thank you for all those starting moments we all spent together.

I would also like to thank those member that came right afterwards, just in time for our second mission: Ilhoon, Jaekyung, Jihyun, G-DRGN, Min, Donghae, Sica, Zico and Qri. I don’t know if you still remember what that mission was about but it involved spending the night at an old house and many, many strange corridors filled with whispers which happened to be the most haunted house ever found in Korea (yes, I did some research on that~). I found you all so cheerful and I want to thank you for bringing a spark to the family among with the first members. Most of you have found a different path and still I hope the time you spent here with us will stay as a warm memory to you. I sincerely hope so. Thank you for the time spent here with us, dears.

After those intense two weeks, this place started to get crowded and we got the chance to meet some of more wonderful waterlemons, some of them are still around and some of them I have to say that we still miss having around: Jongin, Taeng, Nana, Sulli, Tiffany, Baro, Minhyuk, Minah, Gayoon, Seulmi and Taemin. I really hope you enjoyed those last weeks of winter together and I hope we could be a source of warmth through such cold days.

And together, as time went by, we reached spring. Sungjong, Sunny, Hyosung, Eli, Lee Hi, Sunggyu, Jiyeon, Woohyun, Seungyeon, Yongguk, Naeun, Hyomin, Sungyeol and Jei came just in time to be able to help out Animal Rescue Korea by taking care of some of the puppies until we found a home for them. Thank you for sharing all these moments with us, it was a really sweet experience.

Two weeks passed once again and we got the chance to meet some more amazing fellow lemons of water such as Minzy, Kyungri, Wooyoung, Jessica, Seohyun, G.NA, Jaejoong, Hongki, Minho, Yonghwa, Key, Chorong, Taeyeon, Eunji, Dara, Minki and Boah. I’d like to thank those who enjoyed that building of a very own and unique coffee shop with us and I want to thank those who stayed with us and still are here with us, joining the rest when it comes to flooding the dash with love, comprehension and empathy every time one needs it. I’m really thankful to you.

As time went by, we organized a trip to Lotte World as well as the building of a home from scratch, the road trip and the deserted island experience. The Masquerade Ball, the Waterlemon Awards and the Secret Anon came along. Time passed by so fast. Nichkhun and Mir, which came during that time and left recently- You were such an important part of the family. I wish you the best of luck in whatever roads you might encounter from now on. Nichkhun’s Spam on the official waterlemon confession page— Such a beautiful way to spread love and cheese, mister. The cute Mir’s “engrish” through the dash— Of course, we won’t let anything get forgotten.

To those who have left, thank you for letting us share such a precious time next to you and to those who have stayed, thank you for letting us be part of your home. For that, I will always be grateful.

We are, at the moment, 33 members. This family is Naeun’s sweetness, Min’s powerful dancing attitude, Nana’s kindness, Kyung’s visual-ness, Lay’s cuteness, Sojin’s noona swag, Zico’s attitude, Jongsuk’s sincere wish to keep us all warm, Woobin’s gentleness, Bomi’s cheerful attitude, Myungsoo’s honesty and mysterious charming rainy aura, Taemin’s love for music and art and milk tea, Luhan’s coffee addiction and warm smiles, Seulmi’s cat and serenity, Ilhoon’s amazing ability to make everyone he meets feel at home, Hyorin’s omma skills, Hyunwoo’s way of smiling and he’s wish to make people laugh, Ellin’s cute loveliness, Donghae’s ability to make everybody around him feel comfortable, Alice’s absolute adorableness, IU’s dose of cuteness, Joohyun’s enchanting aura always ready to offer a helping hand and always ready to listen, Yura’s amazing cheerfulness and the way she manages to pass it on to the her fellow lemons of water, Hwayoung’s kind words and wisdom, Kai’s burning red attitude, Taeyeon’s beautiful smile, the way you can always count on Suzy and her amazingly strong mature and positive attitude when she faces her road, Soojung’s adorable way of sharing happiness whenever she’s got the chance to do so, Hyunsik’s cutiepie-ness, Sen’s calm and amazingly gentle ways and the how he’s always ready to listen to those who might need it, Eunji’s adorable expressions and cheerfulness and the way even dark Eunji has a pure warm heart, Ara’s way of flooding the dash with a feeling of spring and that one secret ship we all secretly ship, Tiffany’s hilarious posts that would brighten up any dash, Minki’s sexiness and absolutely amazing way of spreading love through so many hearts and how he always makes waterlemons happy and proud, Dara’s sweetness and initiative, Yerim’s graceful and gentle way of drawing smiles on the rest of the family’s faces, Yukwon’s authenticity and permanent smile.

We know there’s many many sides of everybody and this is just a small little peak that we couldn’t just ignore when writing this letter. All your sides, I wish I could have stayed longer to get to know and love them as well. I’m thankful for every single one of you. I will miss you all so much.

I am signing this letter as Kim Soohyun. I know many directories go public about who their Admins are and such yet I hope you forgive me for staying anonymous for so long. I really just wanted to stay impartial and did that in hopes to treat everyone with kindness no matter what the personal experience or relationship with any of you. Everybody deserves a chance to be loved by who they are and therefore I thought I should meet everyone with a clean view as an Admin. I didn’t want to judge anyone without giving them and myself a chance to get to know them for what makes them unique in their way. I hope you understand my reasons.

Even though, as always, in case you were to have any kind of question, please don't hesitate to ask, we will always gladly answer. This also works in case any of you would like to stay in touch somehow. No matter the weather, we're family after all.

I kind of have a feeling that this letter might have turned out quite too long, but I wanted to thank every single one of you honestly and I wanted you to know, that I will carry you with me wherever I go.

Thank you for warming up my heart so much, waterlemons.